Gap Analysis: Understanding what is happening in your operations is key for improvement.

By Jean Luc Devisscher
5th April, 2022

At EMMA we talk a lot with airports and when I mean a lot then we talk about a long series of meetings and calls on a daily basis. This makes us understand airport operations better and better if that wasn’t already the case before.

What we often encounter is that while airports were getting fully prepared for the post COVID period, they often don’t have the full view on what is really happening at some parts of the airport.

Maybe not having the full view is not the right way to express it. Having a thorough understanding of what every stakeholder need to go through on a daily basis, the technical limitations they face and their frustrations about a lack of communication between key teams is important. All this is directly linked to what an airport wants: a seamless passenger experience and well informed stakeholders. This is why we spend time on fully understanding the full process.

Whenever we implement A-CDM the most critical aspect is the start of a gap analysis exercise as this indicates how some key operations at the airport are functioning, what are the key stakeholders doing and how are they doing it, how do they relate to their colleagues and their tasks, etc..

The Gap Analysis is a key aspect of every project that involves so many stakeholders, it gives unique insights in the current operational aspects of any part of airport operations and the ideal approach so we understand what can be improved in the process, … so that all is taking into consideration when defining new or updated processes and all the elements that the Operational Management solution / A-CDM set up should reflect.

The Gap Analysis is not a lengthy process but it’s a key element whenever an airport decides to implement solutions that not only reflect all A-CDM milestones but also how we can improve the efficiency and sustainability targets (to name but a few) we define with the airport.

A-CDM is more than just a platform, it’s a way of thinking and a way of working so the impact is more important than just implementing another IT tool which is not what most end users are looking for.

They are looking how they can work and communicate better with all other operational teams so operations get streamlined, to understand their full performance and the performance of others and be informed in real time whenever changes occur so they can be sure to be where they need to be at the given time.

Want to understand how a Gap Analysis is done and the key benefits for your airport operations and how it makes the A-CDM implementation much easier and faster? Talk to our EMMA experts and we will be more than glad to help with the full conceptual approach before we even discuss how A-CDM is integrated at your airport in one encompassing easy to use system.

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