Why automating ground handling management is so critical to maintain shorter turn-around times

By Jean Luc Devisscher
24th Jan,2023

One of the key stakeholders within the airport are no doubt the ground handlers, they play a key role in the end to end operations from the moment a plane arrives at the gate to the moment it departs. With their role being so important for the on-time departure but also on time arrival it goes without saying that if something goes wrong than it can go terribly wrong impacting flights, airport operations, ATC and of course the passenger’s experience of their flight and the airport.

This is why excellence in stakeholder management is so critical not only for the overall experience but also to save time and costs for all stakeholders involved. This is why a seamless ground handling process is so critical and why it can only be agreed and maintained having the right tools at hand.

At EMMA Systems, it’s important for us to integrated ground handling activities in our platform to ensure we have visibility to all the stakeholders. It has been set up to work on any mobile device and the user set up is simply done via the EMMA Systems web interface.

The administrator can indicate who works on what missions and the work is then passed to that person via the mobile interface. The operator choses the flights (s)he works on and he gets to see his exact task. These activities all play a key role for all stakeholders involved into that specific flight assuring a task-completion related to activities or overall timings.

It shows each operator the impact of one action on the overall process and on his specific task.

Besides informing all operators it will also help the different companies optimize the turnaround process and to better determine the cost of handling.

That way ground handling works efficiently for all involved, timings can be better maintained while less time is lost for every operator and the full impact of delays on stakeholders can be reduced.

Transparency and excellent follow up is key and costs can be better managed by the ground handling companies and the airport.

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