Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports

EMMA helps airport operators optimize full transparency on their operations through its unique approach and platform. At EMMA, we help airports visualize real time data and any sensory information by monitoring key parameters, conditions and systems to optimize overall efficiency and safety. We are unique because of our hands-on approach to understand airport operations and stakeholders who can easily adopt our plug & play stakeholder management solution to comply with the specific business requirements and operating procedures. EMMA is designed to improve the overall efficiency of airport operations by optimizing the use of resources and improving the predictability of events by learning the patterns of your airport through our AI technologies.

How does EMMA create value for airport users?

  1. Airports often have to deal with archaic, siloed airport systems. EMMA makes sure that all data points are interpreted and used in a uniform way so that all stakeholders can use and understand the datapoints to create substantial efficiency improvements.

  2. At airports, there are continuous delays due to inefficient communication. Most of these delays are caused by diffuse communication interpreted differently. This leads to operations that are not streamlined, leading to delays on all levels.

  3. There is also a lack of predictability and forecast which impacts air traffic. EMMA’s AI platform brings order to the many data streams. Hence, predictability and a clean overview of what is happening in realtime is a given, not a dream.

Key Benefits

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