Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports

EMMA gives you a clean, graphical interface to instantly visualize real-time data and any sensory information by monitoring key conditions and systems of your airport. With an integrated Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) platform, you and your stakeholders can cooperate to make better-informed decisions and optimize operations.

With its flexible integration bridge, EMMA can be adapted to any airport in order to comply with your business requirements and operating procedures. Since EMMA complies with the Eurocontrol A-CDM objectives, it is inherently designed to improve the overall efficiency of your airport operations by optimizing the use of resources and improving the predictability of events by learning the patterns of your airport through our AI technologies.

Key Benefits

Our Solutions

Real-time dashboard

Information sharing platform based on the collaboration of all the Airport partners; EMMA is a real-time web dashboard integrating multiple legacy systems providing a single snapshot analysis of the entire airport’s operations, from flights (A-CDM), to ground movements (ATC), to weather (MET), to people (APM), to baggage (BHS), to an aerial view of the airport's runway. Read more

A-CDM platform

Considered the core of tomorrow’s smart airport, A-CDM is the main componenet of EMMA. A-CDM aims toimprove Air Traffic Flow and Control Management (ATFCM) at airports by reducing delays, improving predictabilities of events, and optimizing resources utilization. These processes are structured into EMMA to provide to all the Airport operators more predictable information about key events of a flight. EMMA supports all A-CDM elements per Eurocontrol guidelines. Read more

Predict and forecast tool

The EMMA platform can assimilate various sources of data and display them in a meaningful way. Beyond that, an intelligence is incorporated into the system to predict and forecast critical events. EMMA also interfaces with various systems across the airport, collects information and accordingly sends alerts and notifications to allow proper users to make changes according to their needs Read more

Everywhere and anytime

EMMA’s web-based platform supports multiple browsers, including mobile, without requiring any software installation, and so can be implemented in any airport worldwide. EMMA’s adapters will allow the intake of any source of data from various systems which provides a centralized location for the users to review the consolidated information across a range of computers or devices. Read more

Modular user interface

EMMA’s graphical user interface is user-friendly, flexible, and supports a virtually unlimited user capacity. Designed to present the current state to the users, it is composed of a series of widgets that can be configured per the individual use case. EMMA respects the confidentiality and criticality of airport data, by offering different user roles. EMMA has different default layouts, and in each of them the users can choose the needed widgets based on their permission. Read more


All airports are different in terms of needs, operational procedures and human cultures. To respond to these specificities, EMMA is able to propose a fit for purpose solution, adaptable and customizable to the airport needs and changes. EMMA aims to offer the most personalized solution to each and every client. Read more


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We trust that partnerships are keys to better answer to our clients’ needs all around the world. By leveraging the ecosystem of partners, we work with various vendors to ensure the timely delivery of the projects.

From Aviation Experts, providers, advisors to resellers, we are always looking for new partners that will help us to reach new markets.

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Our team developed EMMA, a real-time A-CDM dashboard that enables operators and admins to plan and manage airport flights schedule and planning with aesthetic and seamless user interface to visualize sensory information and data from different sources to allow fast and accurate decision making.

Our team also bring a wealth of knowledge from Silicon Valley and insight into the latest technologies and airport processes, extensive experience in network infrastructure and information technologies.

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